My Miniature Doll Collection


Dolls by Sammy Smith, Pat Boldt, Patty Clark and Dolls, Dolls, Dolls.

Antique Two-Faced Doll

This doll was already an antique when given to my mother by her nanny around 1935. She has two faces, sad (showing) and contented. Her head turns to reveal the other face. She is sitting in a hand-crafted miniature wicker carriage made by Sammy Smith.

Vintage Dollhouse Family

This is my original dollhouse family I've had since I was 9 (they were already old when I got them). They were my mother's first. The mama doll is actually a pin cushion (under her skirt.) Her husband is quite short, but a very nice man all the same! I painted his hair when I was young. I think he is a natural blonde.

Antique Reproduction Doll

The steamer trunk (and all its contents) and hatbox were made by my friend Chris in England. The dolls are by Dolls, Dolls, Dolls.

Red-Head in Pink Silk

This doll was made by London Supply, of England. She is posed with a Bespaq teacart, loaded with Bespaq dishes and tea set.

An Old Lady with Cats

By Lyn Trenary. Came complete with her knitting, cats, old arm chair and rug.


By Sammy Smith. She is attended by tiny water babies. The mermaid has clusters of shells and roses in several places, including a wreath on her head. Sammy also made the "rock" she is sitting on.


A doll by Jackey Mullen, with several tiny fairies by Daniela Kiefhaber.

Vintage Dolls

By the Hartwig company of Germany. Circa 1935

Amanda Skinner

With a bear by Bridget McCarty.

Various Dolls

Felted dachshund by Anna Ryasnova.

Pat Boldt

Dressed in antique lace.

Vintage Doll

Circa 1920's-1930's

Caco Dolls

Circa 1950

Erna Meyer Doll

A 2018 limited edition reproduction of their 1960 style dolls.

Wanda Kuhl Doll

In a crocheted outfit by Wanda.


Made by an artist in the Pacific Northwest. The man has a tufted tail.

Vintage Wooden Dolls

From the Lotte Sievers-Hahn company, in Germany.

Various Dolls

Including several "Small People by Cecily" circa 1980's.

The Little Match Girl

By Annie Smith