My Hollow Log Dollhouse

About 2 1/2 feet high, the log was carved out of cedar by a chainsaw sculptor. The moss-covered roof is a partially hollowed cone-shaped piece of the log which he then cut off, so he could hollow the log. The bottom floor is also a separate piece of the cedar cut from the other end. The "floating" steps leading up to a little loft are little coin-shaped pieces I cut from a branch, then drilled a small hole about 1/4" deep into each edge, glued in a piece of toothpick, and glued the other end of the toothpick into a corresponding hole in the wall of the log.

The windows are shuttered with twigs, and have twig dividers. There is a small resin fishing pond to the right of the entry. You can see a twig bench swing hanging from some ivy on the other side. The overhang over the door is shingled with pinecone petals, with bits of moss here and there. Those are acorn buttons at the corners.

The whole structure is on a lazy Susan, mounted to a round piece of wood about 24" in diameter. The landscape base was created with spray sealing foam - a wonderful product and easy to use. As it cures, it eventually expands by about 40%. After it hardens it is like a light-weight Styrofoam, and very easy to carve and stick things into. I covered the foam base with a sheet of craft store moss. Click Here to see video of this dollhouse.