My Edwardian Style Dollhouse

The "Big Green House"

This house was originally an unfinished "shell" made of plywood and sold by a local dollhouse store years ago.


A 10-room dollhouse, filled with artisan-made, and some vintage and antique miniatures.


The dolls are by Sammy Smith of Happiness Is... High chair: Bespaq. Hutch, table and chairs: Sonia Messer (circa 1973).

More Kitchen

Stove made of metal by Valerie Ann Casson's father. That's an old "Tobacco Silk" rug - an advertisting gimmic for Turkish cigarettes from the early 1900's.

More Kitchen

I made the gingerbread house, using Fimo candies made by various artists.

More Kitchen

Baby doll made by Sammy Smith of Happiness Is..., although the baby's outfit was made by Jeannette Fishwick. I had to send Sammy the doll to dress her - it required removing her head and restringing her after!

The Foyer

Featuring a faux finished laser-cut floor by I.G.M.A. Artisan Renee Kutcher. Note the special Art Nouveau Ormolu vitrine cabinet (circa 1960): it is cast gilded metal and in its former life was used in a jewelry store window display. Staircase by Lawbre. The chairs are by JBM miniatures.

More Foyer

On top of the dresser is a bronze sculpture of a "full hipped" woman by Jim Pounder. The Victorian sugared fruit is by Kim Matthews of MiniKim, Bird's Nest Fern by Barb Plevan, Cloisonné poinsettia (floor) is by Dolls, Dolls, Dolls and holly vine (railing) is by April Showers. Screen: Brooke Tucker Originals.

Dining Room

The table is set for Christmas dinner, and a fire glows in the fireplace. On the mantle is a plate of fruit by MiniKim, a plate painted by Margie Paruszkiewicz, and a lidded jar by Beate. The picture hanging above is silk and possibly an antique.

More Dining Room

In the bay window are a wicker desk and chair by Sammy Smith. The table is set with Christmas dishes by Lisa Engler, Lisa's Little Things.

More Dining Room

The Welsh dresser and table and chairs are by an artisan in B.C. Canada, Georgie Prokiw of Edmonton. I bought the Miniatures By Barb 25th Anniversary plate the year of my and my husband's 25th anniversary (2002).

Little Boy's Bedroom

This boy (another doll by Sammy Smith - yes, she made the whole family!) loves toy soldiers and animals - and he has a lot of both! Dachshund is an ARA "Pocket Pet" from Austria, circa 1960.

More Boy's Bedroom

If you look carefully, you may see the wee elephant carved out of ivory on his dresser (Sonia Messer). Original painting by Alice M. Gegers.

More Boy's Bedroom

The Fireplace is German, possibly Theodor Krause company from Gotha. Circa 1870-1880


At the center of the house, this room may be my favorite. I love the greens, reds and golds. And the Christmas tree, of course!

The colorful cabinet in the back of the room is an antique, and made of paper covered wood. The two red chairs are by Bespaq. The gold velvet upholstered pieces are from the early 1980's, by the George Spencer Collection.

More Parlor

The open book of Orchids is by Barbara Brear in South Africa. There are orchids "growing" in the turret room. I share how-to instructions for making this tree here.

More Parlor

The painting above the stair opening is an old painting from Europe, on paper covered wood. The "secretary" desk is by Sammy Smith's husband, Jerry. The petitpoint pillow is by Bobbie Schoonmaker.

Little Girl's Bedroom

The little red-haired girl (made by Sammy Smith) is playing with dolls by Joy Parker Swallowhill Dolls and Sammy Smith. Dachshund by Karl Blindheim. Near the fireplace is a tiny porcelain baby doll by Pat Boldt in a cart by David Krupick.

More Girl's Bedroom

The doll with the red dress and dark hair is by Diane Yunnie. To her left, in light blue, is a doll by Judith Orr. The delicately painted little end table under the window is by Rosemarie Torre. Over the bed hangs a blown glass bird in a cage that belonged to my mother. Probably circa 1930's.

Baby's Nursery

Under the left dormer is the baby's nursery. The ornate wicker bed's high head fits right in the dormer opening (made by the same Canadian woman who made the dining room furniture). There are three dachshunds in this room (one you can't see, because it is a stuffed knit one in the bed). The "slinky" one on the table on the right is by LoriAnn Potts. A christening gown made from an antique hankie hangs on the Bespaq armoire.

More Baby's Nursery

It's hard to see (I have since added a lamp back there), but at the back of the room is a wicker arm chair, sewing box, and a few toys.

More Baby's Nursery

This little dog on wheels was my mother's, circa 1939.

Master Bedroom

The "Hitchcock" rush seated chair was made by Sammy & Jerry Smith. The bed was dressed in antique fabrics by Diana Scott. Hanging on the dresser drawer handle is a silk camisole knit by Joy Perkins. On the dresser is a pincushion doll by Pat Boldt. I have one in "life-size" (she is about the size of a dollhouse doll) that was my grandmother's. She was the mommy in my first dollhouse. So I love having one in miniature now, too.

More Master Bedroom

On the bed is a custom sculpted and flocked portrait of our wire haired dachshund Stumpy Joe, by Lucy Maloney. Bundle of books by Little Woman (Susan Weber).

More Master Bedroom

Painting by Alice M. Gegers.

More Master Bedroom

The two green and white chairs and footrest are by Sonia Messer (circa 1973). Climbing out of the hatbox on the floor near the dressing table is a Pussy Willow Persian by Billie Joy (BJ) Eller. Beyond the bed is the doorway through which you can see into the orchid turret reading room.


The bathroom is tucked under the other dormer (with the toilet tank in that opening). You can see the doorway into the turret room behind the tub. The tub, toilet and pedestal sink are of a greenish tinged cast resin and originally had a large, out-of-scale bas-relief floral design. I sanded them smooth with my Dremel tool, and then painted them a high gloss white.

Turret Room

You can only see it by taking off the roof, or peeking through the windows. It has a floor lamp and wicker chair, for relaxing and admiring the orchids (by Barb Plevan) that live in the room.

Kitchen Garden

By Barb Plevan.


By Gabriele Leiner.