My Miniature Gypsy Caravan

One of Brain Long's limited edition of 25 Gypsy Caravans - fully furnished and equipped complete with lights, and signed and numbered. A ledge-style Gypsy Caravan/Wagon circa 1920 painted in the authentic colors of red with pale yellow wheels and undercarriage. Lion masks above the front gables add yet another touch of authenticity. An historic piece of Romany Culture.

Wiring and 4 fixtures including two lanterns on front of Wagon, one on tail gate and an interior oil lamp. The battery pack is hidden underneath the wagon. There is a little chicken coop built into the side of the wagon. The doorway opens with a little pull string.

Organ Grinder and Monkey by Judth Orr. Canal/Barge Ware by Victoria Fasken.

Brian's custom built, authentic interior furniture to fill interior, including cast metal stove.

The table's legs are on a hinge, and fold underneath. Then, you can slide it into an opening on the front of the bed, and it looks like a drawer.

Canal/Barge Ware by Victoria Fasken. Kitchen utensils in stoneware jar by Vicki Horiuchi. Rug by Alice M. Gegers.

Here you can see the Wolf disguised as Grandma waiting for unknowing prey ;-) I believe the doll artist might be from the United Kingdom, but I don't know her name. Email me if you know who made it!

More Canal/Barge Ware by Victoria Fasken. Tray with brush and comb by Reutter Porcelain.