The Parents' Bedroom

More proof that it's never too late to kit bash! I removed the staircase that used to take up about 1/3 of this room, and patched in the hole in the floor. Luckily, I had some left over strips of the flooring! The telescope was a swap from an online friend, Iris Broyles of Buffalo Creek Miniatures.

The bedding and pillows are covered in antique fabric, and were made by my friend Diana. On the floor (bottom left corner) sits a hatbox with Pyewacket the cat peeking out. Pyewacket is made from pussy willow buds by Billie Joy Eller. Many afternoons Mother sits in the chair and knits in the sun by the window. My friend Crystal made the knitting and needles she left on the chair. On the bedside table (another Sonia Messer) is a picture frame made to look like a book (actually an old charm). It contains pictures of my father as a baby, and his parents. Next to it sits a lovely bead lamp made by another online friend. In the foreground on the little knickknack shelf is another photo of my grandfather.


The bureau, with the hat I made with a Beth Lane kit in an online chat room class. The lacey and flowery hat stand was made by yet another online friend. I sure know a talented bunch of people, thanks to the internet! I got the lovely Spanish hair comb in a swap with yet another one!


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