My Edwardian/Late Victorian Dollhouse

 exterior interior

May 2008
Click here if you want to see the interior finished! Interior Finished!


Notes from "before"...

This is my new house and project! The inside is unfinished and as you can see the outside isn't quite done either. I just tore out all the wallpaper, ceiling papers and wiring this afternoon after taking these pictures. There were shorts in the wiring and cuts and brads all over the place.... better to just start over! There is a curved staircase for the middle main floor entry, and a straight staircase for the second floor. I want to repaint the house a soft green, and paint the foundation and steps, and add bricked chimneys (my husband will make them).

I plan to move the octagonal window from the middle top room to the little gable room right next to it -- opposite the turret room. Then I want to put in double windows where the octagonal window was. That room (middle top floor) will be the Master Bedroom. There will be a wicker chair, plants, telescope and books in the turret room, which is through a doorway off the master bedroom, behind the bathroom (big people have access through the roof, which lifts off). I plan to replace the turret shingles, and maybe place a weather vane on top. The little room in front of the turret will be the Bathroom. The other small room on that floor, which has the gable and will have a round window will be the Baby's Room. I'm going to add large dormers to both those rooms, which should open up some "head room" and bring in more light. The dormer in the bathroom will house the toilet, since my research shows me that many bathrooms in nice 1890 homes had the toilet in an alcove, somewhat separate from the rest of the room. And (a surprise to me) not all of them had elevated water tanks! The dormer in the baby's room will be big enough for the little "wicker" crib.

On the middle floor, the rooms on either side will be a little Boy's Room and a little Girl's Room. In the middle will be a Parlor/Sitting Room. Downstairs in the middle will be a rather formal Entry with curved staircase, parquet floor, curio cabinet, paintings and chandelier. The room on the right will be the Dining Room. There will be a fireplace in that room and the bedroom above. The room on the left will be the Kitchen.

Click here if you want to see the project in chronological order: New Photos Showing Remodel in Progress

Or, click here if you want to see the interior finished! Interior Finished!

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