The Livingroom

The wicker desk and chair were made by my friend Sammy Smith. I made the table (with the teaset) from a kit. The chair and footstool are Sonia Messers, and the sofa is a Bespaq. The lovely old portrait is on silk, and along with the soft metal clock, was my mother's when she was young.

I'm very fond of the fireplace. It's really an ashtray, made in Greece. I covered inexpensive wooden book "groupings" and single books with reduced photos of bindings of real books from my library. Papa (made by Sammy Smith) is relaxing with a magazine.

One of the changes I made with this dollhouse kit was the wall between the living room and the kitchen. Dura-Craft's wall had a big arched doorway and an arched window opening cut out of theirs. It would have made it impossible to have room for the fireplace or stove. I cut a piece of "door skin" (1/8" thick wood veneer) and made the wall stop one door width from the front of the house so there is access to both rooms for the little people. :)

The lovely hallstand and umbrella were made by my friend Oswalda, from Holland.

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