The Kitchen

This photo proves it's never too late to kit bash! I removed the staircase and freed up the space for the hutch (barely visible on the right). The hutch, table and chairs are Sonia Messer miniatures from the 1970's. Momma (a 1890 style Gibson Girl!) was made by Sammy Smith. The stove was made from a Chrysnbon kit and polished with a wax-based metallic finish I purchased at a crafts store, called 'Rub 'n Buff'. I made the gingerbread house on the sideboard on the left, next to the bowl of crab apples.

Stumpy Joe and Mel, the two dachshunds, are ready to snack on that egg that fell and broke on the floor! My friend Crystal Sutliff made the egg. This picture was taken before I had finished the stove.

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