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I bought this half inch (1/24) scale cottage at the Montreal Show in 2004. I researched its origins and found out it was a Bauder-Pine workshop project.

It has no door and was outfitted with night light style fixture and bulb - which I removed.

Come on in and take a look!

The rug was hand-woven by Eileen Shannon "Fine Handweaving" of British Columbia.

The left side wall lifts out, and the roof opens up to reveal the inside.

There is a bedroom loft with railing, and tall fireplace with a soft faux finish done by the original owner. Nice plank hardwood flooring throughout.

This shot shows the hutch and stove better than any of the others. Ron Palmer of Bremerton, Washington made the stove and the copper pot and pan. I bought the cannister set (on top of the stove) from A Miniature Marvel, in the U.K.

I bought the bed, night stand, blanket chest and hall table from M & R Miniatures in New York (Mary & Ron Vogler). They made the night stand especially for me, from a photo I found of a full sized antique. Laurie Sisson made the charming hat sitting on the chest. The green stoneware tea set was a gift from Helen in England.

The lovely pink, white and gold tea set on the hall table is by China Closet. The cradle was purchased from Mt. Fanny Cottage Crafts of Oregon.

I commissioned the crocheted "granny" spread and pillows from T & S Craft.
The Mission style wooden rocking chair is by Norm Scheck. A tiny cat is curled up on its cushion.

The brass lamp is by Ron Palmer of Bremerton, Washington. Ron also made the stove and the copper pot and pan you can see toward the back of the room.


The amazing hand carved wooden dachshund was made by Kingdom Kritters.
The kitchen table, chairs and hutch were made by an artist in Montreal. A bowl and pitcher by Marie-Luce Pelletier of Canada sit on the table and hutch. Loose vegetables and fruit by Elizabeth White of Elfin Homes in Oregon are scattered on the table. Those are Tiney Co. circa 1940 brass andirons, tools and wood basket.
A carved wooden arm chair by John Walker of Wexford County, Ireland sits close to the cradle. The bedside lamp is by Miniscules, and there are 3 books by A Novel Idea underneath. Next to the lamp is a vanity tray by Cheryl Warder Miniatures.

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