The Attic

The wheeled toy on the far left was my mother's when she was young. It's made of wood. The brass lantern is signed "Inde" as near as I can make out and was probably made in the 1970's. The trunk is actually an old postage stamp box, and is covered in embossed leather. The carpet on the left is a souvenir from the California International World Exposition of 1935 in San Diego, which my mother saved. I made the sewing machine from a kit and added some delicate painting details to it. I made the doll's dollhouse (below) from a kit and am just beginning to furnish it. See the little mouse evading the trap under the old school desk? That's a pussy willow mouse made by Billie Joy Eller of BJ Enterprises.  I bought the mouse from her at a show. She also made the delightful pussy willow cat climbing out of the hat box in the parents' room.

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